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JSC Povolzhskaia Refinery is one of the integrated oil producing enterprise in Russia. On technology the refinery is oriented onto processing of most of Russia West-Siberian crude oil.


In 2012 JSC “Povolzhskaia Refinery” entered into Unified State Register of Legal Entities that it is definitely determined the choice of strategic direction of the refinery development.


The key target of Povolzhskaia Refinery is an output of exportable products in required volume for meeting needs of the country and in appropriate quality for compliance of world market requirements. The basis for achievement of this objective is creating of up-to-date production facilities as the result of revamping, upgrading and retooling of existing production.


Presently the favorable opportunities have arisen for development of Povolzhskaia Refinery. There is the large area of vacant industrial, political will for the refinery development, financial scheme of investing. At JSC “PNZ” it has been started a revamping. Upgrading of the refinery will bring the following achievements:


  • Increase of processing capacity up to 16.9 mln. tons of crude oil per year; 
  • Quality improvement of output products up to its conformity with Russian GOST-R Standards.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies are applied in the framework of upgrading. As it is well known, environmental safety of operating procedures is based on introduction of new technologies, enhancement of process control automation, application of up-to-date facilities of equipment and pipeline diagnostics, sustainable use of natural resources and efficiency analysis of nature conservation measures. All of this is foreseen in the process of implementation of the revamping and upgrading project of Povolzhskaia Refinery.


Realization of social maintenance program is one of the priority objectives facing the top management of the refinery. Social policy directly reflects the advance of economical development of the refinery that has allowed meeting accepted commitments to provide all guaranties and benefits to the personnel. The social development program of the refinery has been worked out, the collective agreement has been signed; local regulatory acts, which govern the order of payment for labour, leisure time and additional social benefits, have been worked out and approved at the refinery.


The labour collective effort and each worker taken separately are definitely the strong point of the refinery. Owing to their work, professionalism and vigor the heartless process units turn into a lively single mechanism manufacturing necessary products for Povolzhskaia Refinery. Generously imparted to the young generation of specialists. Here all people work as a uniform rhythm and are proud of their refinery.


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