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JSC “Povolzhskaia Refinery” numbers above 600 working men; one fourth of refinery’s workers are young people aged up to 30 years. One in three refinery’s workers has secondary and higher vocational education. Average age of personnel is 40 years old.


Procedure of personnel recruitment, selection, employment and adaptation has been introduced. It determines recruitment selection procedure of applicants who are claimed to a vacant position at the refinery, as well as adaptation procedure of new workers and employees, as follows, to join the personnel, to adopt social conventions at the refinery, to master professional knowledge and skills. On the basis of personnel analysis the succession planning of top managers, specialists and senior shift engineers has been made, their work placement, training and certification procedure has been determined. Succession plan is constantly updated and enlarged.


The refinery has a personnel development program that includes staff training, retraining and professional development. For this purpose all necessary conditions are created: eleven classrooms provided and equipped with visual aids, test stands, simulators and new furniture.


In compliance with the law of the Russia Federation “On industrial safety at hazardous production facilities” the refinery received “Certificate on right to perform personnel training, retraining and professional development in the field of industrial safety” in 2014.


For raise of workers’ motivation in developing of professional skills, studying and propagating of advanced experience and housekeeping the mentoring institution has been reestablished at the refinery. Every year above 40 workers contend for the title “Professional of the year” in 5 nominations. Winners of the contest are honored with certificates and cash bonuses.


Special attention is focused on replenishment of the refinery’s personnel with young specialists, graduates, who adopt new technologies and absorb new information very fast. Recruiting procedure is carried out according to competitive selection. Hence, over the last two years 68 young specialists were employed at the refinery. Coordinating and advisory body is establish and called as Council of young specialists that will support the professional development of young people and uncover their creativity and personality.


Moral and material incentives of the best workers and employees are widely used at the refinery. Every year names of the best 10 workers and employees are entered on the Board of Honor on the eve of Oil and Gas Complex Workers’ Day.


Human resources policy

At the refinery human resource policy is placed a great emphasis on, which aim is efficient management of personnel, its consolidation and development, creating of professional and unified staff.